Taiyo Technology Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surface coating on plastic for production parts in vehicles, electronic devices, and industrial equipment. Operating as a one-stop services, we fulfill customer orders from tooling designing, injection molding, decorated plating, plastic plating, painting, lasering, printing and assembly to product inspecting. Moreover, we can apply our experience to provide expert advice on creating versatile designs for added value and function, serving our customers' diverse product requirements.


Apart from these turnkey services, the company is also prominent because of our advanced manufacturing technology and standard machinery which are combined with precise automated painting innovations and accumulated plating know-hows. All products must pass strict inspection and quality control processes to uphold Technology Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd's brilliant reputation and the expectations of our customers.
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Complete service surface coating on plastic

Taiyo is one-stop service, including the production of tooling design, injection decoratived plaitng, painting, laser etching and prinitng. Customers can place here a "one-stop" order for the whole process. We have an excellent research and development team to pioneer the market with advance technology for coat plastic surfaces. Customer can select from a variety of technics to create many styles, such as laser etching molds for fine looking designs, satin plating with gloss vaiation, trivalent chrome plating for color tones such as dark and silver,  to our signature two color mold injeciton and plating technology


Injection Molding
Plastic Plating
Painting, Laser, Printing,and Assembly

Quality Control

Established quality control system by own strict quality standard and fulfilling inspection system, customer’s demand to be productized in an appropriate manner. To maintain the world-class quality control system is Taiyo’s largest mission.


Environment Management

It is Taiyo Technology Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s pledge to support environment protection with our philosophy, "returning the resources obtained from the nature to the nature". Our treatment systems including using updated technology and equipment to treat water and air pollution before releasing them safely back into the natural cycle. Our waste management policies are strict and comply with applicable regulations. To us, being a responsible organization that contributes to a pollution-free environment is one of the highest priorities.

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