Quality Control

Established quality control system by own strict quality standard and fulfilling inspection system, customer’s demand to be productized in an appropriate manner. To maintain the world-class quality control system is Taiyo’s largest mission.



Realization of 100% inspection

Customer can be fully assured that all of our products have met our highest standards. We employ a team of specialists to inspect and control the procedures. Both automated and manual workforces are systematically combined to ensure that customers received only the best. Base on our engineering know-hows and strict production standards, we can promise customer 100% quality control and insurance.

Implementation of 100% inspection


Quality Control Equipments 

Methods including using the latest analysis equipment such as scanning electron microscopes, heat cycle testing machines, XRF coating thickness gauges, smart scope, vision machine inspection and total organic carbon analyzers to uphold high accuracy, reliability and quality which are signatures of the company.

Equipment Name


Atomic Absorption SpectrophotometerSHIMADZU
digital CaliperMITUTOYO
Electrostatic FieldmeterSIMCO
Feeler GaugeMITUTOYO
Gloss MeterBYK
Hydrolysis CheckerRSK
Heat Shock ChamberESPEC
Infrared ThermometerBENETECH
Level GaugeSK
Digimatic MicrometerMITUTOYO
Push-Pull GaugeIMADA
Particle CounterHACH
Radius GaugeFUJI TOOL
Temperature & Humidity ChamberESPEC
Taper GaugeTRUSCO
UV- SpectrophotometerSCILUTION
XRF coating thickness guageBOWMAN


Quality Control Equipments

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